REturn & shipping

All orders are considered custom orders except for most candles and jewelry trays. It normally takes 2-3 business days for processing time and depending on the amount of orders it may take longer. Please know that all products are handled with care and due to covid each product will go under a sanitation wash before shipping, that includes disinfected soap with water, alcohol rub, and oil spritz. 


Below is the shipping information from the type of shipping to the company I will be going through. We will be adding on to the list in the future.

Carrier: United States Postal Service (USPS)  Domestic Only 

  • Priority 3-5 Business Days
  • Priority Express 1-3 Business Days

Priority shipping includes tracking number and insurance so you are covered with both and can check their online systems for updates on your package. 

We also provide Drop off in the Dallas areas and Pick up in Cedar Hill Location at Valley Ridge Park: 2850 Park Ridge Dr. Cedar Hill, TX 75104. It’s important to wait for a message before expecting your package for these two. 


Returns and exchanges are not available at this time. If your order appears to be the following: 

  • LOST: Please call the usps to get an update status and to potentially file a claim. There may be a delay in shipping due to covid and the cut of hours by postal services and they ask to put in a claim 15 days after expected delivery. We are not responsible for any lost packages, you will be able to confirm that the information provided is correct before shipping. If you are needing to file a claim please contact me at [email protected] to assist you and we will go ahead and replace your order for free. If the order states the item has been shipped in/on mail and it’s not in your mailbox, you need to contact your local postal services to have them find where the item has been placed. Situations like this will not receive a free reshipment unless the carrier can’t find an item and you file a claim: you are able to get the same order for half the price along with a coupon.

  • DAMAGED: If you receive any of your orders damaged by the postal service before opening or after opening please call the postal service to file a damage claim. You have to send a picture or video of the package and the item to [email protected] before replacing an order. You are in charge of paying a $5 damage fee and will be refunded the $5 when the claim has been complete, verified, and approved.

  • RETURNS: If an order has been returned to us due to wrong shipping information or incomplete shipping information you will be charged for reshipping of items. I suggest verifying all information provided upon request before shipping.

Other arrangements can be made between the buyer and seller for any lost, damage, and return items feel free to contact me. 


Due to covid and hygiene there are no refunds available at this time before shipping. If there is something wrong with your order please contact and we can come up with a solution.

Thank you for shopping with JUZA essentials